Keyes CSD TCP Treatment Improvements at Wells 7-10

Keyes, CA

Civil Estimating: Estimating Team
Electrical Estimating: Jeff Brackenbury
Bid Due Date/Time: April 16, 2024 at 2AM
Engineer’s Estimate: $9m
Engineer: Gouveia Engineering

The Project consists of furnishing and installing three (3) trains of granular activated carbon (GAC) vessels, 120,000 pounds of Virgin GAC Media, site piping and appurtenances, and constructing a 150,000-gallon backwash pond for TCP removal at Well No. 9, six (6) trains of GAC vessels, 240,000 pounds of Virgin GAC Media, site piping and appurtenances, and a 100,000-gallon backwash tank at a centralized location for TCP removal for Well Nos. 7, 8, and 10, constructing chemical and electrical buildings, electrical improvements, furnishing and installing approximately 1,400 linear of waterlines to convey raw water to the centralized treatment plant, and various improvements at Well No. 9 site and the centralized TCP treatment site in Keyes Community Services District.

Items available to be subcontracted and/or purchased include but are not limited to concrete materials; aggregates; erosion/sediment control; SWPPP design and implementation; tree removal; demolition; excavation & off haul; wood framing & trusses; painting & coating; AC paving; chain link fencing & gates; bolted steel tank construction; pipeline & trenching; rebar; masonry; roofing; HVAC; electrical materials & equipment; and instrumentation & controls.

Plans and specifications are available for viewing at our office as well as through local builders’ exchanges. We have also made the information available through the ShareFile link below:

Plans, Specifications, and Addenda

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